OPI – The Best Nail Polish Brand 2020

OPI nail polish is a healthy, durable and pigmented nail polish. It lasts for a long period and is resistant to peeling, with up to a week on nails. Each nail polish provides a comb for impression application.

OPI nail polish has more than 200 colors, suitable for everyone. The nail polish has more significant factors than other nail polishes. It contains glittering colors that serve as beautiful presents for nail fans. With OPI nail polish, you will have a pure and natural nail care.

How to use the OPI nail polish by yourself to have a professional nail technical result

  • File your nails to remove existing nail polish, then trim and shape nails to one direction to avoid cutting.
  • Rub the nails with cuticle oil and pull back the Cuticles to remove hangnails.
  • Clean the nails again to remove fat.
  • Prime the nail surface with a base coat to level color adhesion and to protect discoloration.
  • Use three strokes of layers on the nail polish; top layer, middle layer and the other on all nail sides for complete coverage.
  • Lastly, apply the top coat over the nails and ensure to cover the nails free edges to avoid color chipping.

Characteristics of OPI nail lacquer

  • Nail polish colors’ largest selection
  • Easy removal of nail polish
  • Last on nails for at least seven days 
  • Shiny and glossy appearance for as long as one week
  • The nail polish supplies better clarity colors than other polishes.
  • It consists of lovely packaging selections for a stunning and fresh manicure and pedicure.   

Types of OPI nail polish       

  • OPI sparkle bath nail polish: This is a light sparkling pink color right for sweet and natural nail care treatment. This OPI polish type has three different topcoats and nude colors.
  • Pink OPI nail polish: this nail polish gives a gentle shine to the nail. It also gives a complete impressive look to the nails.
  • Perfect Neutral OPI nail polish: This is a flexible pink that is standard to pamper your nails. These shades are best for clean, classical, and crisp nail care. They are the most use of OPI nail colors because of their glow touch.

OPI Nail polishes Ingredients

  • Diacetone
  • Propyl Acetone.
  • Diacetone Alcohol.
  • Barium Sulfate
  • Tosylamide
  • Formaldehyde Resin
  • Dimethicone

Overview of OPI nail supplies

OPI nail polish came into existence in the year 1981, and its roots produced in the professional nail industry that takes the product to its With the production of thirty breaking nail polish color in 1989. OPI was recognized in the nail industry due to its incredible colors, high-quality brand, and unique name. Many of this brand’s original hues such as Alpine snow, OPI red nail polish, and Malaga wine became so trending in the nail industry. OPI nail polish is in a bottle creating a universe culture of embracing colors to be great tools for self- expression. This nail polish is accurately secure due to the absence of Methacrylate and best to strengthen natural nails even after your first nail care.

OPI nail polish is healthier than other polishes, it causes no damage to the nails, and it also gives a fantastic nail appearance after nail removal. This nail polish has a delightful scent. This nail care product can be used by Manicurists, professional nail care technicians, and individuals. OPI polish increases nail length, prevention, and nail glittering. OPI nail supplies enable full nail style coverage and smooth manicure.

What is unique about OPI nail polish? 

What makes the OPI nail polish unique from other nail polishes is that it is mostly used in the salon all over the world, and it is also the first nail polish that doesn’t peel or chip like other polishes. It is not watery and quick to patch. It also has a very bright and vibrant OPI color collection.

Does OPI nail polish need an Ultraviolet lamp?

OPI nail polish needs specific light to be used for drying to create a desired long-lasting nail care. The polish will dry in approximately four minutes with the OPI LED lights.

The top OPI nail colors

The sheer collections that are seen at your local nail salon can be thoroughly overwhelming. It would be best if you froze between the product finish options, and instead of going out, always opt for the same OPI colors. The best thing about OPI nail polish is that you can mix two different OPI nail polish. The outcome is a modern nail appearance.


OPI nail polish was ubiquitous in the areas of nail and foot care products. The OPI polish colors are the best colors for women worldwide when they wish to appear with incredible nail care. Ensure to opt for your desired OPI polish color to suit your nails and always take proper care of your nails.